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What $3,700 rents you in Dogpatch right now

Five new rentals in San Francisco’s number one neighborhood

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a regular column exploring what you can rent for a set dollar amount in different neighborhoods. But this week, in honor of Dogpatch winning the 2017 Curbed Cup, we’re singling out San Francisco’s new top dog neighborhood and looking at what kind of homes Dogpatch locals of the near future have to choose from.

↑ In truth, the first offering is a bit of a cheat, as this location on Mississippi Street is closer to Potrero Hill, even if the ad does call it Dogpatch. But as we saw in Curbed Cup 2017, people love the neighborhood these days, so it’s no wonder a landlord on the periphery wants to stake out a claim on the border. Here, a one-bed, one-and-a-half-bath loft near 22nd Street runs $3,700/month, pets included. The ad even mentions the place’s adjacency to the proverbially tough to get to 22nd Street Caltrain station.

↑ This loft $3,695. However, this offering on Tennessee Street ups the space to two beds and two and a half baths. Even though the space near 18th Street is right smack in the middle of Dogpatch proper, the ad calls the neighborhood “Potrero Hill”; sometimes there’s guessing what the Craigslist map of the city supposedly looks like. Wherever it is, the place comes out to 900 feet and three stories altogether, with cats allowed but neighborhood namesake dogs turned away. (For shame.)

↑ Geographical confusion continues, as this one bed, one bath apartment on Third near 23rd Street gets listed as “South Beach” on Craigslist. But nope, it’s located right in the middle of Dogpatch, which the ad calls “a neighborhood that once built ships and now builds crab bennies.” It also apparently builds new construction with the likes of “dual-tone cabinetry” and “luxury stone counters” for $3,625. Also, this pad allows cats and dogs alike.

↑ Dogpatch is going to see a lot of new construction in the years to come, but for now earlier birds like the almost-completed Martin building on Third Street have a lot of leverage in their existing vacancies. Hence why a 460-square-foot studio—in a building billed as “brand new luxury living” replete with “elegant finishes”—gets to ask $3,010; apparently it pays to get in on the neighborhood. The ad plays up the Dogpatch vibe (or the 2018 Dogpatch vibe, at least) with talk of “local makers, bakers, breweries, and galleries” as neighbors. The building allows pets as well.

↑ This apartment is only a block or two south of the Martin building and not that much bigger at 518 square feet. But that’s enough to bump it from studio status to a full one-bed, one-bath apartment near 19th Street at $2,856. “Chic industrial” is the advertised mode, along with “urban loft style” (even though it is literally not a loft), which apparently translates to the likes of polished concrete, a skylounge, and even a “professionally landscaped Zen garden” on the premises. “We love your furry friends,” the ad assures renters; this seems like quite a commitment before even meeting them, but enthusiasm isn’t a crime.


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