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Sunday Streets 2019 schedule announced

Car-free bliss, from Dogpatch to the Sunset

Photo by Miramiska/Shutterstock

A lot has happened since 2008. Rent and home prices skyrocketed to stratospheric levels. The Mission turned into the Marina 2.0. Historic LGBT businesses continued to close with alacrity. We got a new tower. We opened a transit center. We closed a transit center. On the plus side, San Franciscans have been allowed to break free from sidewalks and take to the streets for a handful of afternoons each year.

Sunday Streets blocks off a stretch of pavement to vehicular traffic for a few hours on Sundays (one to two per month, depending) during the spring and summer months, allowing people to walk, play, eat, dance, and enjoy free games and activities. The end-of-week merriment happens in neighborhoods like Bayview, Dogpatch, the Tenderloin, the Sunset, and Western Addition.

This year’s batch of Sunday Streets neighborhoods and dates have been announced. They are:

March 10 – Mission

March 31 – Excelsior

April 14 – Tenderloin

May 5 – Bayview/Dogpatch

June 9 – Sunset/Golden Gate Park

July 14 – Mission

August 18 – SoMa

September 8 – Tenderloin

September 22 – Western Addition

October 20 – Excelsior

Want to exhibit something during your neighborhood’s Sunday Streets? Find out more. Looking to volunteer? Sign up here.

Learn more at Sunday Streets.