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New map reveals Bay Area’s favorite running, cycling routes

Downtown San Francisco is popular, and people can’t sweat enough in Golden Gate Park


A world map by fitness tracking app Strava shows exercising patterns of people across the world. While it has made headlines for revealing the location and layout of U.S. military bases abroad—whoops!—it does provide a good look at where people in the Bay Area like to workout.

While almost every block in San Francisco is ideal for runners and, to a lesser extent, cyclists—major thoroughfares, like lower Market Street or Fell Street along the Panhandle, glow bright white, showing their major appeal for two wheelers and joggers—it’s interesting to see where in Marin and the East Bay folks like to get their exercise.

Treasure Island and the Bay Bridge eastern span.

Runners and bikers have made use of the Bay Bridge’s relatively new eastern span in recent years. (Not so much the western side, which is verboten to foot and bike traffic.)

And did you know that people use the Dumbarton Bridge for exercise? It has a separated bike/pedestrian lane along the south side. The more you know.

Other highlights include glowing ovals on the map showing tracks around the city. Kezar Stadium seems especially popular.

Kezar Stadium track glows bright.

The map also offers views of people into water sports and snow sports. Dive in.