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One of the oldest homes on Haight Street asks $1.9 million

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Fixer-upper comes with beautiful bones and grand decay

Photos courtesy of Richard Bennett, Zephyr Real Estate

Built in 1872 and owned by the same family since 1972, this Italianate Victorian in the Lower Haight has seen it all. And from the look inside, rich with beautifully weathered walls and decaying decor, it’s been through it all too.

Featuring four bedrooms, two and a half baths, and 2,466 square feet, 185 Haight still (mercifully) comes with period details including the front portico braced by fluted Corinthian columns, the original staircase with curved banister railing, coffin niche at the top of main staircase, and a rear staircase (for servants back in the day).

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this Haight Street home, at least from the an armchair buyer’s perspective, is the well-worn decor as seen in the photos. The decades-old window dressing and sun-kissed floral wallpaper provides a sepia-toned peek into the past.

Note to angry purists: Indeed, the late ’60s/early ’70s interiors don’t mesh with the original framework, but it’s a thrill to see nevertheless.

Asking is $1,950,000.