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BART detained three people for fare evasion

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It’s all part of the agency’s new crackdown

Photo by Rafael Ramirez Lee/Shutterstock

Fare evasion on BART reportedly costs the agency an estimated $15 to $25 million each year. That’s a lot of scratch. So much so that they’ve started cracking down harder this year.

“Three people were detained for failing to pay for their BART trips Friday, transit police said, as BART continues its crackdown on fare evasion,” reports Bay City News. “As part of the crackdown, which officially began Jan. 1, fare cheaters were detained at the Powell, Ashby and Richmond stations, according to police.”

The parties detained: A youth, who tried to skip fare at the Ashby station was booked into juvenile hall after refusing to identify himself; a 43-year-old man, who “allegedly had a $35,000 arrest warrant,” was pinched at the Powell Street station; and a woman, later sent to “a local hospital for psychiatric evaluation,” was busted at the Richmond station.

BART, like SF MTA, typically gives citations for fare evasion.

The agency also has other issues at hand—most notably, vile an unsanitary stations. If you recall, at least one San Francisco supervisor has taken it upon herself to clean the 16th Street station with her own two hands.

On the plus side, BART hasn’t arrested anyone for putting their feet on the furniture. At least not yet.