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Winchester Mystery House prepares for film release with slew of parties

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“Winchester” hits screens on February 2

Photo by Patricia Chang

Design-nerd hearts were aflutter after catching wind that the Winchester Mystery House would receive the cinematic treatment. Alas, some of the excitement died after learning that the Helen Mirren-helmed movie was less an ode to the Sarah Winchester’s Victorian abode and more a spooktacular horror flick with CGI ghosts.

But that hasn’t stopped the Winchester Mystery House from cashing in on the buzz.

“The San Jose attraction, really capitalizing on the spooky premise of next month’s Winchester film, is selling tickets to four parties over Feb. 2 and 3 that will begin with libations, appetizers, and the opportunity to roam around the property.,” according to SFGate. “Some time period costumes from the film will be on display and, as the event promises, there will be a hoisting (of) a celebratory toast to Mrs. Sarah Winchester.”

A screening of the movie will follow. You can buy tickets to the parties at $49 a pop.

If you haven’t seen the full trailer, you must. The movie seems like quite the romp. And if you want to learn more about the house and Sarah Winchester, check out Curbed SF’s story on the popular house of mystery.