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Renovated Mission farmhouse seeks $2.1 million

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Circa 1868 abode comes with a 2018 look

Photos courtesy of Lamisse Droubi at Compass

Built 150 years ago, this historic property has seen it all. Now it’s seeing white. Lots of it. And that’s a good thing. Because it’s a marked and welcome improvement from what it looked like in 2016 when it sold for a mere $895,000.

Featuring three beds, two and a half baths, and two levels, 1071 Alabama comes with all the modern trimmings seen in new revamps—vaulted ceilings, skylights, open floor plan, oak flooring with radiant heat, handmade tiles, and more.

It even comes equipped with a shed for tending to the front and rear yards.

While drastic renovations tend to startle the sensitive purists among us, this one went at it with full force—and the results are worth it. Small spaces benefit from such a contemporary treatment.

Asking is $2,195,000.