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Hillsborough ‘Flintstone House’ welcomes dinosaur sculptures

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Bulbous home doubles down on Stone Age theme

The new owners of the "Flintstone House" bought some dinosaur sculptures. Very cool.

Posted by Marita Nickison on Saturday, January 20, 2018

For fans worried that the new owners of 45 Berryessa Way (whose cave-like vibe brings to mind the famed Hanna-Barbera cartoon) would alter the home’s iconic look, perish the thought! The “Flintstone House,” as it’s been christened by locals, added kindred elements to the lot—dinosaur sculptures, as well as a woolly mammoth and giraffe.

Marita Nickison snapped the recent photo above, showing the new triassic artwork gracing the landscape. Delightful.

“In addition to the oxidized metal dinos,” reports SFGate, “the owners appear to have added stabilizing shelving, painted orange to match the quirky home’s facade.”

As to exactly where the sculptures came from, we’re told they come from Mexico. Half Moon Bay-based Sun Studios—which creates an array of projects such as stone fireplaces, fishponds, waterfalls, and, yes, dinosaurs—sell similar works.

After spending 14 months on the market, and after several price cuts, the home sold in 2017 for $2.8 million. Using innovative building materials, architect William Nicholson built the unique abode in 1976, which can be seen perched in the hills over I-280 in tony Hillsborough.