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San Francisco weather: Rain heading to Bay Area Wednesday (update)

After a dry December, a heavy dousing starts off the new year, but will it be enough?

Greater Bay Area Slammed With Series Of Storms Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Update: The bulk of rain is anticipated to start pouring down late Wednesday afternoon.

Starting Wednesday morning, a good drenching will sweep across the Bay Area. But that may not be enough to keep up with regular rainfall.

As SFGate notes, “San Francisco and most Bay Area cities will receive up to a quarter inch of rain, while North Bay valley will get up to three-quarters of an inch.”

The damp weather should last until Saturday. And be on the lookout for thunder and lightning come Wednesday evening.

As of today, however, the Bay Area is six inches below normal rainfall. Which isn’t a good thing.

“Last month marked the fourth driest December in San Francisco’s recorded history, with only 0.15 inches of rainfall,” reports San Francisco Examiner. Yikes.

Hopefully, the next three months of rainy season will produce more rain. But hopefully not as strong as last year’s downpours, which resulted in flooding and damage from Big Sur to Guerneville.