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Is this Fremont bus stop the worst in America?

Step down?

Fremont bus stop.
Screen grab from Google Street Maps, via Streetsblog

Streetsblog has an intriguing and bewildering contest happening right now, asking readers to chime in on the Sorriest Bus Stop in America competition. This week’s contenders are Seattle and Fremont.

“Let’s take a look at the shoddy pedestrian environment that sprawling land use planning, car-centric street design, and plain old disregard for bus riders have created in what are supposedly two enlightened regions of the country,” notes the transit publication.

And these two are doozies.

While Seattle’s offering does appear woeful, Fremont’s looks as desolate as it does ineffective. Located at Auto Mall Parkway and Technology Drive, the stop is within a mile of a nursing school, a mobile home park, churches, and a HP facility.

It also has no sidewalk.

What’s more, the arid bus stop, a BART connector, drops off nursing students who “need to walk 1/2 mile in the bike lane next to 45+ heavy traffic.”

Same stop on a greener day.
Same stop on a greener day.
Screen grab from Google Street View


Even rain-blessed growth around the area doesn’t do much to curtail its drabness.

Other dreadful spots include stops in San Diego, Pittsburgh, and a Munhall, Pennsylvania, drop-off that kicks passengers out on on a slope between a guardrail and train tracks.