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What $3,100 rents you in San Francisco right now

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Five new rentals, from Pacific Heights to Mid Market

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a regular column exploring what you can rent for a set dollar amount in different neighborhoods. Is one person's studio is another person's townhouse? Today's price: $3,100.

↑ First up, here’s an alcove studio in downtown/SoMa asking $3,100/month for 500 square feet. (This is actually a touch south of Market Street, near Yank Sing, but that block just doesn’t have the vibe of SoMa these days.) The namesake alcove in this case is just a little corner nook somewhat ingeniously tucked in next to the kitchen in a space looks like it was designed for a closet. No word on whether the holiday lights on the exposed steel beams are part of the deal or not. And the ad doesn’t mention pets, either.

↑ Speaking of unusual places to put sleeping arrangements, this loft in Pacific Heights supposes that it’s more efficient to sleep on top of the closet than in it. The term “loft” in this case might be generous, since that space rises no higher than a child’s bunk bed and not much larger once you’re up there. But at least it does use the space efficiently. Note that it is not recommended (and probably not legal) to turn the understairs closet into a Harry Potter-style extra bedroom, although likely someone has tried it. The rent is $3,100/month; no word about pets.

↑ On the other hand, this Lower Haight loft is bizarre. That’s not an editorial opinion; it’s how the landlord advertises the space: “Small, bizarre storefront lofts,” reads the ad. The space claims to be a two-bedroom and one-bath home for $3,000/month on Oak Street. “Zone for commercial use,” the ad admits, with a pregnant “but...?” appended onto the end. Well, it seems there’s nothing to hide here, at least. It’s up to readers and renters whether the space turns out to be as bizarre as the billing. No pets permitted, however. Alas.

↑ Compared to the Haight offering, a relatively unadventurous one-bed, one-bath apartment at Trinity Place, located off of Eighth Street in MidMarket, appear downright reassuring. “Brand new unfurnished one bedroom apartments starting at $3095/month,” says the ad, while playing up the view overlooking the public plaza downstairs (which sadly might not be attracting the attention it should, surrounded as it is by apartments on all sides) and its towering Venus statue, billed as San Francisco’s tallest—which is it, but only for a short time. Still no pets though, doggone it.

↑ But here at least is a flat in Potrero Hill (almost right underneath the freeway, in fact) that even reassuringly puts a dog right in the photos. And he’s a good boy. The place sure isn’t half bad either at one bed, one bath, 800 square feet and quite a wide open space. The ad says all that a renovation knocked out all of the interior walls of this pre-quake Victorian back at the turn of the century—the 21st century, that is—resulting in the “loft-like” space sans loft that we see before us. Those red lacquer cabinets to die for, and hopefully worth $3,100/month, as that’s the offer here. It’s a pet-friendly apartment, and thus the pictured dog escapes being designated a bait and switch.


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    FiDi Studio
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