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Brannan Towers penthouse asks $3.5 million

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Onetime “cursed” condo looks to add $1 million or more to 2014 sale

Built in 2000, the triple-spired Brannan building is what condo shoppers might call an early adopter to the South Beach high-rise craze.

And now homes like 219 Brannan #18A—marketed as a penthouse, although it doesn’t appear to actually be on the top floor—are finally in a position to cash in on the neighborhood’s rising acclaim.

[Update: Nope, turns out this is the top floor after all.]

This wasn’t always the case. Back in 2010, Curbed SF referred to this very same unit as “cursed” thanks to the multiple, humbling price cuts that caused it to sell for a loss then, a victim of the economic malaise still whammying the country at the time.

Photos by Jacob Elliott

18A popped up again in 2014 to a much more favorable market and managed $2.5 million. (Note that the real estate site Redfin incorrectly marks that sale as $1.8 million right now.)

But after taking inflation into account, that’s still a little less than the value of its pre-crisis 2007 price of $2.15 million. And so it’s up to this latest offering—a remarkable $1 million upgrade since 2014 to ask $3.5 million now—to finally break the curse.

To that end, realtor Gregg Lynn plays up driving appeal of the living room and its 11-foot-tall windows,pointing out the center fireplace “serves as a focal point while large glass panels slide open for fresh air.”

Also compare the muted but chic new kitchen to the colorful but ultimately dated looking design from a few years ago. Will the difference be enough to put this three bed, two bath high-rise pad over the top? Buyers will soon let us know.