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SF weather predicted to cool down this week

A return to the Gray Area

Just the top of a few buildings visible through the San Francisco fog.          By Pedro Helder Pinheiro

The weather gods have been at odds in San Francisco over Labor Day weekend. First, triple-digit temperatures, starting last Friday, broke the city’s all-time heat record at 106 degrees (the previous record was 103) and sent #sfheatwave trending for two days on Twitter.

But by Monday, August-like gray days made a comeback, even bringing a little rain early in the afternoon.

The good news is that the National Weather Service now predicts a week of glorious 60- and 70-degree temperatures as the heat wave drifts further north.

Of course, early predictions said that San Francisco would climb no higher than 86 last week; but meteorologists never claimed to predict the future.

It wasn’t just San Francisco feeling the heat: San Jose broke its own all-time temperature record with 108 over the weekend. Oakland Airport busted a 101 degree record as well. And Santa Rosa roasted its all-time high by hitting 110.

The Weather Channel notes that Saturday’s 102-degree San Francisco high was only the third time in the city’s recorded history of triple-digit temperature two days in a row. They blame “a strong upper-level ridge of high pressure, or northward bulge in the jet stream.”

That pressure will retain its grip on the west coast this week, but the weather will follow the course of a lot of former San Franciscans and head north toward Portland and Seattle.