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Dog on BART track earns instant fame, makes everyone late

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The dog is fine. The tracks are fine. Everyone is fine.

BART’s official Twitter account made the announcement just after 8:00 a.m., right in the middle of Wednesday morning rush hour:

“There is a dog on the trackway near the Coliseum. We are working to get the dog.”

Turns out that wasn’t some figure of speech or technical jargon. There was literally a dog running around on the BART tracks in Oakland, reducing service on some lines to single track during some of the busiest hours of the day.

BART assured riders that it was trying to rescue the dog without running it over.

But the dog, true to canine nature, kept running away. Because, you see, dogs will do that.

Naturally, Twitter users started circulating pictures, videos, and anecdotes of the delinquent pup, who appeared to be having a very good time, even if nobody else was.

In short, if every dog has his day, this was definitely it for the pooch in question.

It wasn’t until nearly 9 a.m. that BART Police managed to snag the highly mobile mutt and get trains running at full speed again.

Still no word on the pup’s owner or how it managed to get on the track. After reviewing photo and video evidence, we can confirm that, despite causing havoc and holding up the Bay Area’s morning commute for the better part of an hour, he/she is a very good dog. Yes he is.