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San Francisco weather alert: Heat wave to hit this week (update)

Mercury expected to rise to 88 degrees

Photo by Dominic Simpson

Update: Smartphone users received an urgent emergency alert today, saying, “Hight temps expected. Check on neighbors. Drink water.” It also advises residents to seek out cooler spaces. Here’s a map of cooling stations currently open around San Francisco.

Don’t pull out that oversized scarf just yet. The autumnal chill in the air is but a fleeting one—at least for now. Temperatures in the San Francisco and South Bay areas will warm up this week, culminating Wednesday or Thursday afternoon with another heat wave, according to the National Weather Service.

“When temperatures peak on Wednesday or Thursday, 80s will be widespread along the coast and residents of inland areas may experience temperatures in the low to mid 90s,” reports Bay City News Service. “The forecast for San Francisco on Wednesday is 88 degrees.”

San Francisco will not feel the recording-breaking temperatures that soared past the 105 mark. If you recall, earlier this month Baghdad by the Bay saw the mercury rise to its highest recorded levels ever, hitting a steep 106 degrees and breaking the previous high of 103.

But this week’s heatwave (fingers crossed) will only reach the high 80s.

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