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Open thread: What does SF transit need more of?

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Make a wish

A crowded SF street, with cars, a cable car, and pedestrians. Photo by Alfonso Jimenez

As Curbed’s Transportation Week draws to a close we consider: What’s missing from this picture?

Almost every San Franciscan thinks the city could use more of something or another. What’s the crucial missing ingredient that would make getting the city better?

More buses and trains? More bikes? More parking? More subway lines? More BART stations? More red painted transit-only lanes? Or maybe just more funding?

Perhaps it’s time to return to more popular and efficacious modes of transit: more ferries, more cable cars, or even more private mass transit? Or are new technologies like self-driving cars, flying cars (it could happen), Hyperloops, and automation the key?

Leave a comment and let us know what you think should get (and keep) San Francisco moving in the years to come.