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Why San Francisco transportation is secretly the best

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All aboard!

Although I came in last during Curbed’s city challenge, a transportation-themed competition among myself and the editors of Curbed sites in Los Angeles and New York, it’s important to remember that, chronic Muni delays notwithstanding, San Francisco still has one of the best transit systems in the country.

And as much as I love to bemoan our city’s transit infrastructure—rightfully so—I wouldn’t live here without it.

Come on, folks. What other city on the west coast has two underground subway systems? What other city has a ride-hailing system for its queer populace? What other city has historic streetcars that take you directly to In-N-Out?

SF does.

As a diehard pedestrian whose work, social life, and food/drink requirements are all within a five-block radius of my SoMa apartment, the challenge allowed me to step outside my comfort zone.

The biggest surprise was how fast it took to get from SFO to Fisherman’s Wharf. For denizens of Baghdad by the Bay, those two locales could be the north and south pole. But getting from point A to point B wasn’t entirely horrific.

As vehicular driving in the city has turned into a waking nightmare, which is only getting worse, I take solace knowing that San Francisco is still a place known for its choice public transportation. (That being said, BART still has ways to go before making transportation safe and accessible for people with disabilities.)

Which is why I, a driver with two car crashes to his name, continue to live here. Not for the Victorians. Not for the Castro. Not for the burritos. I live here for that packed Muni train and that damn bus that never comes on time.

Fellow public transit nerds, I wear the bronze medal for all of us.