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Julia Morgan-designed Belvedere mansion sells again after just six months

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1928 property, once home to Tom Perkins, pulls mystery sale for small loss

The Julia Morgan-designed estate in Belvedere once owned by late Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tom Perkin, sold back in March for a remarkable $14.46 million.

That was a decline from its September 2016 asking price of $16.5 million, but still a sum that would have made Perkins himself proud. The spring sale by Isobel Wiener and Danielle Chavanon made headlines at the time.

Which is why it caused some confusion when realtor Neal Ward announced Wednesday that he had, in fact, just sold the Morgan manse at 345 Golden Gate Avenue, claiming a price of $14.25 million.

“Honored and excited to have represented potentially one of the most architecturally significant homes ever in my career,” Ward said while showing off an exterior photo of his apparent sale on Instagram.

Were Ward’s Instagram followers getting a peek into a parallel reality, or was something else afoot?

Danielle Chavanon cleared up the mystery: She tells Curbed SF that she and Wiener did sell the six-bed, seven-and-a-half-bath, roughly 8,900-square-foot home—with its 16th century linenfold wood-paneled walls and carved limestone fireplace imported from a Belgian chateau—back in March, just as reported.

But that buyer just sold it again, out of the blue and for a loss of a few hundred thousand dollars. Which perhaps makes it the definition of a motivated sale. Ward posted a sales video of the property to Vimeo on August 31.

Chavanon wouldn’t disclose why the sudden turnaround on such an epic home, and Ward has not yet returned requests for comment.