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Sale of Lucky 13 likely last call for neighborhood dive

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Plans for new 27-unit condo building on site listed for $9.75 million last summer

The Lucky 13 bar, a bright red building with a cat’s head logo on its sign.
You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.
Photo by Torbak Hopper

Luck may finally have run out for Lucky 13, the popular Upper Market dive bar drinking on borrowed time ever since its owner floated plans for a new 27-unit condo development on the site more than a decade ago.

The city approved those plans back in April. Regulars braced for the wrecking ball, but the owners decided to sell the property, building permits and all, listing the bar and entitlements for $9.75 million.

While regulars might have hoped for a lengthy sale period to extend the life of the boozy den a bit longer, the listing now register a sale as “pending” or “in contract.”

Unless the deal falls through, this seems to be the true end of the line for the city’s unluckiest of lucky numbers.

The Lucky 13 name has been in place since 1988. But as SF Gay History notes, 2140 Market hosted various bars under various names since 1973.

Lucky 13 manager Martin Kraenkel pointed out on Facebook in 2015 that the bar has been sweating the possibility of demolition since 2002.

The design for the presumably incoming building.
Courtesy Christopher Smith, Shamrock Real Estate Company