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Excelsior Edwardian asks $995K

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When is $1 million a bargain?

An Edwardian house with white fishscale shingles covering the front Photos courtesy of David Pennebaker, Compass

Where would so many San Franciscans be if not for the Excelsior? Well, not in San Francisco, for starters. In a city where the average house sells for well over $1 million today, it’s one of a handful of neighborhoods where six-digit sales still exist.

Take the case of 275 London. Yes, it’s pushing the line by asking $995,000. By Excelsior standards, this three-bed, two-bath Edwardian (circa 1912) is hitting well above its weight class.

But where else in the city can one hope to get a single family home with such distinct old San Francisco character for less than a million dollars? The facade’s expanse of fish-scale shingles alone would pull in at least seven figures in almost any other neighborhood.

The frustrating part, however, is that the low asking is meant to spark a bidding war.

Realtor David Pennebaker pushes the “traditional floorplan” and “original moldings and wainscoting” on this one. The giant hand-shaped chair is probably not included with the asking price; tough break, whimsy aficionados.

Looking back into more than 30 years worth of building permits for the site, the only major work done over the years has been a series of significant repairs; no remodels, renovations, or redoes on the books.

The last time this Excelsior home came to market was in 2008, when it sold for $700,000, worth more than $866,000 today.