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Double-A frame Eichler with pool asks $1.4 million

Getta load of that atrium

Photos via Renee Adelmann, Eichlers for Sale

Palo Alto might be known as the toniest of Eichler enclaves, but San Rafael has the distinction of hosting the midcentury developer’s finest Bay Area specimens.

Why, just look at this double A-frame number at 1225 Idyleberry. Built in 1962, it comes with five beds, three baths, and 1,942 square feet. Of special note, of course, is the double-A frame atrium. Beautiful.

It also comes with all of the Eichlerian fixings: soaring ceilings, exposed beams, pool, and floor-to-ceiling windows.

The midcentury home’s recent renovation, however, might have purists clutching their pearls. The painted ceiling and textured wallpaper, as nice as they might appear, are interlopers.

Then again, so is the perfect hardwood flooring. To each their own.

Asking is $1,495,000.