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Tiny studio inside NoPa mansion asks $375K

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Photos via Redfin

Time again for the Under $700K Club, the inflation-adjusted version of our old Under $500K club. Here we showcase the few and the proud San Francisco homes that, even in this this time of seven-figure median home prices, have the courage to sell at a mere $700,000 or less (or at least open that low).

To those who say there are no affordable homes in San Francisco, we say you are absolutely correct. However, now and then a tiny TIC bordering on affordability will land on the market.

Take, for example, this studio inside a circa 1905 mansion.

Featuring one bath, a kitchen, and a raised platform for the bed, 1932 Fell Street, #1 offers details like columns, large picture windows, and hardwood flooring. There’s even parking for “a small Mini Cooper type vehicle.”

No square footage listed, but it’s a tight squeeze for sure.

HOAs come to $262/month. Asking is $375,000.