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San Francisco lightning storm in pictures and video

Flash, bam, alakazam

A rare treat lit up the sky Monday night when, after a day of searing temperatures, a storm hit San Francisco replete with thunder and lightning. For a city that rarely sees a blip or bolt during rainy season, it was a sight to behold.

The National Weather Service reports the Bay Area played host to over 800 lightning strikes between noon and 7 p.m.

Twitter even saw #lightning take trending honors over the Dodgers v. Giants game. According to SFist, tonight’s game at AT&T Park was delayed due of the storm, which resulted in some choice shots of lightning above the park.

But not everything was kosher during the skyward electronica party. As SFGate notes, the lightning also “started fires, scared pets” and drenched parts of the region, which “sent people scurrying to find their umbrellas.”

Otherwise, it was pretty damn cool. Everything from the Salesforce Tower and Sutro Tower to the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge fell prey to Zeus’s glorious wrath. Behold:

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