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Renovated Bayview craftsman seeks $1.1 million

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Comes with original stone fireplace and built-ins

In a city that rife with Victorians, Edwardians, and whatever our contemporary cookie-cutter homes will be called in the future, it’s nice to see the occasional craftsman come along like a blast of cool air.

Take, for example, 1526 Revere. This Bayview home comes with four beds, three baths, and 2,580 square feet. Renovated since it last sold in 2015 (for $725,000), it shows how a remodel can be done right.

An extra bed and bath have come into the fold since then. New paint, kitchen, and lighting have all added sheen to this circa-1916 home. But classic details like the original built-ins, hardwood flooring, moldings, stained glass windows, and stone fireplace (the home’s decorative highlight) keep the integrity of this abode intact.

Asking is $1,159,000.