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South San Francisco gets its own dockless bikeshare

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Led by a team of Lyft, Uber, Disqus, and Y Combinator alumni

Photo courtesy of Spin

Adding to the glut of bikeshare services in the Bay Area, Spin, billed as the leading stationless bikeshare company in North America, has joined the fray. But in lieu of adding more wheels to San Francisco, the company is starting in South San Francisco.

Beginning today, residents and workers in San Francisco sud will have the chance to ride Spin’s solar-powered, self-locking bikes. An estimated 125 bikes will be deployed throughout the city over a two-week period, aiming for 500 after that.

The cycles can be found at 22 locations, primarily near or at transit stations and commercial areas.

Most notably, these bikes don’t need a docking station (unlike Ford GoBike, an expansion of the Bay Area Bike Share program, which launched in July). A GPS-enabled feature will allow users to located bikes. This is being touted as a benefit insofar as infrastructure costs go.

What’s more, Spin is city-sanctioned.

“Spin is all about working closely with local governments to provide our innovative model of transportation,” said Spin co-founder and President Euwyn Poon. “We would like to thank South San Francisco officials for the great working relationship, and we are excited to offer South City residents our convenient, affordable and eco-friendly transportation option.”

Bikeshares have proven popular in the Bay Area, but not without controversy. A Mission District neighborhood group recently rejected bike share expansion to the historic 24th Street, citing possible negative impacts it might have on the low-income, working-class community.

Photo by SanFranMan59

A handful of people have also brought up concerns about bike share companies possibly and allegedly mining data to improve car-centric services.

Not to mention that some nefarious riders have begun vandalizing bikes.

One thing Spin hasn’t had trouble with is cash. According to TechCrunch, “Spin raised $8 million in Series A funding in May, and has already deployed fleets in Dallas and Seattle, with a small pilot also operating in Mountain View."

Spin is led by a team of Lyft, Uber, Disqus and Y Combinator alumni.