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Burning Man 2017 photos: More of the best art and architecture so far

Behold the latest and greatest from the Nevada desert, including a massive bird and a towering ballerina

Black Rock City continues to grow as day 5 of Burning Man unfolds. Bird-like creatures, rocket ships, mega-frames, towers, and thought-provoking structures have taken shape.

All of the this year’s art keeps within the theme of “Radical Ritual.” For a better sense of how it’s all coming together, check out the Burning Man live stream happening 24/7 until Tuesday morning.

One thing to point out to anyone heading to the festival: The main route between Reno, Nevada and Burning Man is closed due a major wildfire that has burned more than 30,000 acres. Something to keep in mind.

As for folks stuck at the office or enjoying a staycation but still want to see what’s up on the Playa, here are a few of our favorite pieces so far.

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