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Protesters threaten to block Golden Gate Bridge (updated)

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Right-wing group claims AM march plan, although it’s possible no one will show

A photo from above one tower of the Golden Gate Bridge covered in fog.          By FoapAB

A right-wing group claims it plans to block traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge Wednesday morning to protest San Francisco policies.

A Facebook page called “Conservative Rustles”—which has only eight members—says it will rally in the Presidio at 9 a.m. and then head to the bridge to disrupt the morning commute.

“We will not let traffic pass until the city of San Francisco agrees that 'Antifa' is a terrorist organization,” page admin John Walters Monroe writes. “Why should we move if you support a terrorist organization?”

As of this morning the event has zero people confirmed and zero people marked as “interested.” Despite this, Monroe promises “a huge turnout.” So it’s a little hard to tell whether this is a serious plan or not, to put it mildly.

Some other local Facebook users (commenting on KRON4’s story about the alleged march) claim that the entire page is a prank, linking to 4chan comments from someone claiming to be Monroe saying that the march is a bluff to draw counter-protesters to a non-event.

It’s not clear if Monroe really wrote those comments. Or if Monroe is even a real person. Or if anything is real.

But since there is a chance of interrupting morning commutes one way or the other (real protesters may well be drawn even to fake march regardless), those relying on speedy bridge traffic to make their morning appointments should take note.

[Update: The Marin Independent Journal’s Mark Prado reported via Twitter that the span had no protesters and no counterprosters as 10 a.m. neared. Bridge spokesperson Priya Clemens told the Napa Valley Register that a few Highway Patrol officers were on hand just in case, but nothing actually happened.]