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See how a Heath Ceramics bowl is made

So gratifying to watch

From slicing the clay to the use of a hand jigger, this brief Instagram clip showing how a Heath bowl is made is deeply satisfying.

For those who don’t know, which we can only assume is but a very few, Heath Ceramics create some of the best ceramics, period.

Started more than 60 years ago by California potter Edith Heath, the Sausalito-based company, now owned by Catherine Bailey and Robin Petravic, churn our pieces that can be found everywhere, from designer Yves Béhar’s Canopy, a Pacific Heights co-working space that opened in late 2016, to Detroit’s Guardian Building.

Created by the runoff in the nearby Sierra Mountains in Sacramento, the clay is sent to Heath, mixed with water, kneaded and baked, shaped, et voila.