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East Bay weather: Another excessive heat watch forecast

Winter is coming, but you can’t tell in Contra Costa County

The sun appearing huge and orange on the horizon. Photo via public domain

The forecast in Contra Costa County calls for cooler temperatures today—that is to say, less than triple digits—but the National Weather Service warns that this respite won’t last.

According to an Excessive-Heat Watch issued for some parts of the Bay Area:

While the region will see some relief from the heat today through Wednesday, strong high pressure will return to the region late this week and persist through the Labor Day Weekend. Thus, excessive heat will once again be likely beginning Thursday or Friday and continue through the Labor Day weekend with an increased risk for heat related illnesses.

NWS issues a Heat Watch “when conditions are favorable” for dangerously high temperatures but “the risk of a heat wave has increased but its occurrence and timing is still uncertain.”

In San Francisco the Weather Channel predicts a high of just 83 degrees this week, which probably makes all of this talk about dangerous heat a bit surreal for those who never venture east.

But out near Livermore things may get as hot as 108 degrees by Friday, while parts of Santa Clara County could creep up to 102. The worst will pass after the weekend but the heat will still be on for at least another week following, at least according to 10 day forecasts right now.

The American Red Cross advises staying indoors during the hottest parts of the day during a heat wave, or taking regular breaks for those who must work outside. Eat small meals more frequently rather than a few large ones; hydrate frequently; and keep a close eye on children, the elderly, the ill, and pets.