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Check out this archive of 360-degree photos of San Francisco

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A new perspective on some old sights

The term “360 photography” actually sells the resulting images short, since they turn out as full spherical views rather than just 360-degree panoramas.

Although not many cameras can pull this trick off yet (Facebook will introduce a feature that allows any smart phone camera to capture such spherical spectacles, according The Verge), the question of where to post such wraparound representations presented itself quickly.

Sites like Kuula (launched in 2016) let omnidirectional observers upload and share their creations. For the rest of us, this adds up a fairly cool collection of 360 photos of various San Francisco hot spots.

Sometimes an orbital photo of a place like Clarion Alley or an SFMOMA exhibition just presents the relevant works better than a traditional flat photo.

Shots like an aerial drone photo of the view from high above Union Square give observers a perspective they’d never normally be able to ascend to themselves, and crowd shots of places like like SF Pride at Civic Center create a more complete sense of atmosphere than normal images.

Of course, these swiveling scenes lack the composition and substance of a well-framed snap by a talented photographer. But they’re still neat tricks. Here’s some of the circumference shots currently on display.

Union Square:

Lombard Street:


Clarion Alley:

Pier 14:

Civic Center Pride:

San Francisco International Airport:

Disney Family Museum: