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Burning Man 2017 photos: It begins

Day one of the budding metropolis in the desert

Burning Man has strayed a long way from its roots. What once was a concept of creativity and inclusion under the sun has turned into an architectural wonder for the lucky few. In 2017, the sandy bacchanalia is known more for hosting Google execs and EDM guru Paris Hilton than bohemian types seeking to stretch boundaries.

But what Burning Man now lacks in ethos and philosophy it more than makes up for in breath-snatching architecture and sculpture.

As Labor Day weekend nears, so too does the creation of the temporary city in the Black Rock Desert. This week we’ll be showcasing the beautiful creations happening at Burning Man. Everything from ships, pop-art cars, illuminated skateboards, towering structures, and, yes, the titular flaming man himself will make an appearance.

From today until Sunday, September 4, the Bay Area will grow quiet and peaceful as burners head north. For those not in attendance, here are some scenes of Burning Man right now.

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