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Berkeley cottage asks $729,000

“Secret gem” glistens again

A small green cottage hidden by trees in Berkeley. Courtesy Stacey Merryman, Red Oak

Realtor Stacey Merryman calls the two bed, one bath Berkeley house at 2435 Sacramento Street a “secret gem.”

The secret has been out before, though, selling twice since 2000, mostly recently in 2008 when it sold for $610,000.

Since then it seems to have appreciated, listing again this week for $729,000 with an open house this weekend so that potential buyers can appreciate it some more.

From the outside, the place shows a strange face to the curb, sporting olive green exteriors with purple and turquoise doors that’s a bit conspicuous for the purposes of secret-keeping.

But once insight the more familiar white interiors take over, along with French doors, built-ins, and a particularly weathered looking (a good thing, in this context) fireplace holding down the fort in the living room.

The home dates to 1923, and there’s an extra studio apartment on the property, which realtor Merryman advises is good for “artists, teen hangout, or whatever.”

Literal gems might be easier to come by than artists raising teens and able to afford a six-figure Bay Are home these day, but we can always hope.