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Mission Dolores townhouse inside the Light House asks $6.7 million

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Photos via John Woodruff and John Miller at Hill & Co.

Located across the street from Dolores Park and inside a restored circa-1916 church, a there-story townhouse lands on the market for an ungodly amount of cash. Yes, it’s at the Light House. Indeed, it has a rare offering up for grabs. And of course, it’s a sight to behold.

Featuring three beds, three baths, and an ample 5,493 square feet, 651 Dolores comes with a private entry salon with marble floors and barrel ceilings (ideal for when one can’t bear the thought of common partygoers stampeding through one’s home), soaring 30-foot ceilings, polished cement floors, exposed brick, steel beams, and refurbished staircase boasting original woodwork.

The mishmash of material—period brickwork and woodwork, contemporary glass and steel—keep the property in an indefinite state of dissonance. Which can be a good thing depending on one’s tastes.

Also, it’s a lot of space. Seriously, a lot of space. An eye for ample amounts of thoughtful furniture would be required to bring about a sense of cohesion.

A unique home at ground zero for tech brethren (the desire to live within such close proximity to the overcrowded aforementioned park baffles the mind), this pad last sold in 2016 for $6,495,000.

Today it’s asking $6,795,000.