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Renovated Noe Valley Victorian seeks $3.4 million

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Classic abode undergoes major makeover

Photos via Frank Nolan, Vanguard Properties

This circa-1910 Victorian, located in Noe Valley, has done way with the past in lieu of a sleek, contemporary look.

Billed by the realtor as an “Edwardian-era cottage,” 564 Valley features four beds, three and a half baths, and an ample 3,064 square feet.

After a recent overhaul, it now boasts interiors and amenities de rigueur with today’s renovation-happy lifestyle—open floor plan, glass and steel railing, manicured backyard, and, yes, a marble kitchen island.

It’s most noteworthy aspects are is its prime and peaceful location (nestled on a cul de sac) and the two private terraces.

Asking is $3,499,000.