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Stanley Saitowitz-designed Tiburon home, still in planning stage, asks $35 million

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Outspoken architect’s latest work in waiting

Renderings courtesy of Stanley Saitowitz

Starcitect Stanley Saitowitz, the outspoken architect behind many a stark and startling modern San Francisco building, designed a new home for sale at 3820 Paradise Drive in Tiburon.

Or at least, he designed what will very likely soon be a new home at 3820 Paradise Drive. Right now the six-bed, five-bath, stylized home has not yet materialized beyond its designs and the matching permits, all on offer along with the matching property.

Buyers with extremely deep pockets, as well as a yen for Saitowitz’s 8,000-square-foot vision, can lay down $12.75 million for the land and the plans, or go whole hog and pay $35 million and let the seller go ahead and oversee construction now.

That seller is art dealer Serge Sorokko, owner of Sorokko Gallery near Union Square, who makes the big offer after spending “more than a decade developing and working on entitlements for the Tiburon sites,” according to a press release from his office.

From the outside the would-be home most resembles some of the cooly contemporary museums that have in the past exhibited Saitowitz’s work, with a long, low profile that nestles beneath the nearby trees and hills. It’s encased in glass on all sides allowing light and visibility throughout.

On top of the Saitowitz home, Sorokko is also putting up a nearby plot with designs for another 8,000-square-foot home by Craig Steely for $18 million. A third property is in the design phase right now.

In case the size of the price tag left any doubt about what kind of buyer Sorokko and company are in the market for, his Paradise Drive sales pitch promises that the completed homes will “spotlight the surrounding natural elements seamlessly while serving as a striking stage for buyers’ own art collections.”