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‘Real World: San Francisco’ house hits market for $6.9 million

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True story

Photos via Redfin

Arguably the best installment of the Real World franchise—introducing the world to such characters as Pedro Zamora, Pam Ling, Judd Winick, and a hygiene-free bike messenger who will remain nameless—the San Francisco season of the MTV reality show lives on in the hearts of many Gen Xers.

For several months in 1994, a group of seven strangers lived inside Russian Hill’s 949-953 Lombard. And now that space, where laughter, tears, and peanut butter atrocities were all caught on camera and launched into the pop culture lexicon, is on the market.

The circa-1925 Russian Hill home is now being sold as a triplex. After a fire tore through it ten years ago—a neglected scented candle reportedly caused of the blaze—it’s been redone. Gone are the purple and orange colors of the ’90s.

Today it features bright white interiors, new hardwood floors, and updated kitchen and bathrooms.

Rumor has it if you listen closely, you can still hear Cory crying about only God knows what this time.

Featuring seven beds and seven baths, spread out across the three units, the top unit has exclusive access to the 1,500-square-foot roof deck.

This house (which shouldn’t be confused with the home featured in the second Real World: San Francisco, MTV’s blasphemous and detestable 2013 failed return the Baghdad by the Bay) hit the market in May, but it’s been making the rounds as of late.

In 2014 one of the two-bedroom units was renting for a cool $5,800. Anyone interested in purchasing this slice of reality television, will need plenty of cash. Asking is $6,999,000.