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Barely touched Concord Eichler asks $775K

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Midcentury home hits the market for the first time in more than 50 years

Courtesy Kenneth Fox, Bridge East Bay Modern Real Estate

Are all Eichlers created equal? This may turn out to be a trick question, because when push comes to shove we rarely get the opportunity to judge them on their own merits.

After all, over the course of 50 or 60 years, even the most preservationist-minded of Eichler owners may get the idea to spruce up the old homestead here and there, particularly when it comes to those modern kitchens and bathrooms that homebuyers seem to adore these days.

But in the case of Concord’s 4130 Wilson Lane, a four-bed, two-bath, nearly 1,800-square-foot home, now listed for $775,000, realtor Kenneth Fox claims that the house has never before been on the market since it first sold in 1963.

He also suggests that, save for the flooring and some accents, the house remains relatively unchanged since it first opened its doors.

A perusal of the interiors does reveal a few key distinctions from similar but updated East Bay Eichlers listed in neighboring communities.

Namely, instead of the standard huge, multi-purpose room encompassing living, dining, and kitchen area, a wooden partition here separates the kitchen and dining room from the rest of the house.

Notice that the glass walls and signature atrium connect the living and dining rooms via a separate route, preserving the developer’s signature blurred line between interior and exterior space, even if the living room’s huge exterior window facing the backyard is not quite so all-encompassing in this place as in some of its sibling homes.

Fox calls it “a time capsule home,” which, while not entirely accurate, leaves the question of which buyer plans to crack the place open now. Hopefully, the future owners will provide this Eichler with a gentle remodel while preserving its retro regard for generations to come.