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How San Francisco home prices stack up by neighborhood: August edition

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See which areas of the city are the most and the least expensive for buying in August

Realtors Lower Housing Market Sales Forecast. Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Now that San Francisco has passed the six-month mark, let’s see how housing stacks up in different San Francisco neighborhoods as the market prepares for the cool-down that, fittingly enough, comes along with summer’s end.

Real estate research site NeighborhoodX pulled together the data, measuring the average neighborhood home prices by price per square foot.

Constantine Valhouli, NeighborhoodX’s director of research, explains that looking at properties’ average asking price and price range per square foot gives a full picture of each neighborhood.

"To give a full picture of each neighborhood, we look at both the average asking price, as well as the price range," says Valhouli. "The average price is a good starting point, but the price range can offer more insight."

The price for properties listed in these 20 neighborhoods range from $359/square foot (in Bernal Heights) to $4,376/square foot (South Beach, of course).

Keep in mind these analysis focuses on market rate properties, so it excludes affordable housing, properties positioned as development sites, properties with additional lots of land, properties listed by owners which have not sold (to phrase it gently, suggesting that these prices are mismatched to the market).