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Privately-owned San Francisco streets: Here’s a list of all 264

Are you living on one of them?

Clay and Drumm in the Financial District.
Clay and Drumm in the Financial District.
Screen grab via Google Street Views

According to Jennifer Blot, deputy director of communications and public affairs for San Francisco Public Works, there are 264 street segments in the city that are privately owned.

Perhaps your car is parked on one of them right now.

In light of the recent brouhaha in Presidio Terrace (where San Francisco’s elite, unaware that their private street hadn't paid its $14-a-year tax bill in roughly 40 years, had their sidewalks, pavement, and island legally sold out from underneath them), it might be smart to know if your stretch of pavement isn’t owned by the government.

While there are a slew of rues privately-owned, most of them aren’t as blue-blood as Presidio Terrace.

“Many are dead-end alleys, access streets providing parking for apartment complexes, industrial park side streets and nondescript frontage roads,” reports Mike Moffitt of the San Francisco Chronicle.

And with that, here are the 264 privately-owned street segments in the city.