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Stephen Curry sells Walnut Creek house for a loss

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One of his only big losses all year

Someone picked up a sweet deal on 620 Sugarloaf Court in Walnut Creek, but it wasn’t Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry or wife and Food Network Star Ayesha Curry, who both had to eat a rare loss when they finally sold their five-bed, four-bath Mediterranean manse last week.

The duo bought the place in 2015 for $3.2 million (just the latest of Curry’s many East Bay homes, as he’s done something of a home buying tour of the region over the last few years) but lived there for less than a year before picking up an even bigger house in Alamo.

Originally the Curry family hoped to get a little extra sugar out of Sugarloaf by listing the place for $3.7 million last year. Although we should note that their realtor says they put some $400,000 of work into the house, meaning that the price hike may have just been an attempt to recoup some of their larger investment.

But when things came down to the wire the final reported price on last week’s sale was just $3 million. Curry has come from behind on larger deficits than that, but in this case the hard drive in Walnut Creek came up a rare loss for the MVP.

Both Currys are probably doing just fine despite this disappointment. And to be fair, their fame has attracted what’s really a too-keen focus on just one letdown housing flip.

But the Sugarloaf Court series serves as a legitimate cautionary tale for big buyers in the Bay Area. As the San Jose Mercury News observed while reporting on a previous almost sale that didn’t quite happen, Walnut Creek is nice, but you just can’t expect it to have the same demand as the peninsula or the South Bay, and Curry’s house was the most expensive in the city.

Just as it’s difficult to find another player of Curry’s caliber on the court, it’s apparently even harder to find another buyer on his level in Contra Costa County.

But with new contract in hand and new season looming, chances are Curry will rebound from this sooner rather than later.