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Eichler condo in Russian Hill asks $3.3 million

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Corner space in one of San Francisco’s most iconic buildings

The Summit, concrete Eichler beauty on a sunny day. Photo by Brock Keeling

Yes, the Summit building at 999 Green Street came by way of none other than the Bay Area’s perpetual favorite midcentury developer Joseph Eichler.

Indeed, it even showcases some of the same features that made his suburban houses so popular: wide open floor plans and expansive glass walls.

That’s probably more by coincidence than design, as Eichler’s vision of middle class affordability and joining interior and exterior spaces as seamlessly as possible doesn’t really fly in a Russian Hill high-rise. Architects Niell Smith and Associates likely had more to do with refining the Summit’s look than Joe.

Photos by Jacob Elliott

Still, it’s nevertheless intriguing to see Eichler’s fingerprint on the high-rise scene, and the bristled building remains a highlight of the Russian Hill skyline. In July, Curbed SF named the Summit one of San Francisco’s 25 most iconic buildings, right alongside flatiron classics the Sentinel and the Phelan Building.

When it comes to Summit residence number 2604, a corner piece of that iconic stature now asks some $3.3 million in the latest listing for the two bed, two bath condo, which jumps right back into the market after last selling for $2.9 million in February of 2014.

Note that this place has gone all-in on the track lighting, resulting in a ceiling bristling with inquisitive looking lamps at all angles, an interior detail not present in most of the other recent offerings in the same building.

The Summit

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