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Oakland ‘modern masterpiece’ asks $2.9 million

A new home so modern that it might even be retro

A startling white modern home with a low roof and glass walls. Courtesy Carla Buffington, Pac Union

The new listing for 40 North Hill Court calls it a “true modern masterpiece,” but in some ways that’s selling the place a bit short.

Granted, from the looks of it the four-bed, three-and-a-half-bath house in Oakland’s Claremont neighborhood has the look of new construction from some keen-eyed and hungry architect, but the truth of the matter is that this modernity is on the verge of becoming downright retro. This house actually dates back to 1994.

Equipped with ebony floors, tiled terraces, 16-foot walls of glass, and a sprawling track lighting scheme, 40 North Hill hasn’t popped up on the sale block since 2008, when it sold for $2.49 million.

Since then it seems the entire world has changed once or twice, but this home’s Space Needle sensibilities remain more or less intact, both distinctly of the ’90s while at the same time attempting a degree of post-future timelessness.

Realtors Carla Buffington and Maria Cavallo-Merrion call the space “reminiscent of a home you would find in the Hollywood Hills or Malibu.” While not necessarily a compliment in certain circles, in this case it seems a little Southern California exposure can be a good thing.

The latest asking price is a fairly modest appreciation on the 2008 price: $2.99 million and change.