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Contemporary FiDi condo seeks $3.6 million

’80s high-rise pad benefits from a recent renovation

The ad for this two-bed, two-bath condo atop 333 Bush refers to the circa 1987 SOM-designed building as a “Manhattan-style tower,” which is not necessarily always a compliment in San Francisco.

But it does communicate that the latest listing in the FiDi spot is going all-in on the sense of sleek, chic, glossy luxury represented by its array of finishes, from rosy marble floors to stainless steel appliances.

Photos courtesy of Joel Goodrich

And it comes with a new $3.6 million price tag, a significant upgrade from its previous sale in 2006 to the tune of more than $1.93 million. Though it seems a less significant appreciation when inflation bumps that old price up to the value of $3.06 million today.

Although note that even plunking down seven-figures for a Financial District home apparently doesn’t disqualify homeowners from appreciating the more whimsical side of life. Clock the built-in bunk beds. Some people, it seems, are willing to pay top dollar for the top bunk.