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Berkeley Kite Festival: Scenes from the sky

Up through the atmosphere, up where the air is clear

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Speaking of color, flocks of vibrant kites studded the skies in Berkeley over the weekend. It was all part of the annual Berkeley Kite Festival.

Novice and diehard kite hobbyists alike headed to César Chávez Park in the Berkeley Marina to launch hundreds to aerodynamic designs into the sky. An estimated 35,000 people came to see the 32nd festival.

“The mere physical act of putting your eyes above the horizon has a positive physiological effect on your body,” Tom McAlister, founder of the Berkeley Kite Festival and owner of Highline Kites, tells The Daily Californian. “Kites force us to look up…and to see the world in new and exciting ways.”

Among the many different kites, from small handmade ones to 90-foot mammoths, octopi seemed to be a dominate theme this year.


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