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Remote Napa house with 33 acres asks $1.17 million

Circa 1978 house near Yountville looks to crest seven figures for the first time

A country house on stilts surrounded by redwoods. Courtesy Cyndi Gates, Sotheby's

In truth, 5505 Dry Creek Road in Napa County is not quite so isolated as it appears. The three bedroom, two bath house from 1978 is only about two miles from the edge of nearby Yountville.

Granted, Yountville—population 3,000 or so—is not exactly a metropolitan core, or even necessarily a peel.

Still, to look at the property or even just ponder the ramifications of the “Dry Creek Road” street name, it wouldn’t seem like the kind of place that’s a 15 minute drive from French Laundry.

That’s because the 2,200 or so square foot home sits on some 33 acres of forested land all to itself.

It’s not even adjacent to the road itself, but tucked away in the midst of its private patch of wine country forest. A video from this home’s previous sale in 2012 shows off the gated entry separating it from the main drag (such as it is).

So in the end this elevated country cottage constitutes a bit of a cheat, or maybe just the best of both worlds, where residents can shut the gate and have a pocket paradise all to their own but hop in the car and be on the highway in a few minutes.

Some people get all the breaks, but of course they don’t get them cheap. The latest asking price on this place is $1.17 million, which would be its first seven-figure sale after pulling in more than $916,000 just five years ago, after listing at $1.25 million.