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Italianate Rockridge house a block from BART asks $2.49 million

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Circa 1910 classic bounces back to the market after eight months

If 5669 Ocean View, the circa 1910 Italianate Victorian home with the beautiful blue exterior just a block south of the Rockridge BART Station looks familiar, it’s probably because it’s only been about eight months since the last time it was up for sale.

Back in November of 2016 this four bed, three bath repository of Rockridge riches sold for $2 million even, a relative hair about its $1.99 million-plus asking price from the previous August. Back then the listing described it as a “stately traditional” while this new one dubs it “old world charm.”

And it looks like the buyer decided not to part ways with tradition, as the new ad and new photos reveal not much of anything significance changed in the place over the past eight months. The built-ins, window ornaments, and chandeliers are all (thankfully) still there.

(Although in truth, these latest photos make the place look rather small and cramped—the still extant 2016 ad does much more justice to the scope and style of the interiors.)

The one thing that has changed since November: the price. It looks like this one is set up for a quick and efficient flip, seeking a new sum of $2.49 million-plus. After all, few things are so traditional as answering when an opportunity knocks.