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San Francisco’s most and least expensive homes this week

A double renovation does it twice as good in Pac Heights

Friday is time for the High & the Low, a Curbed column chronicling the most and least expensive homes sold in San Francisco in the last seven days. Here’s this week’s pageant of extremes.

It’s easy to get jaded about news of huge-ticket sales in Pacific Heights, but fortunately the neighborhood has a habit of exceeding even its previous maximum boundaries for excess

Granted, the sale of 2370 Washington (which just wrapped up today) is not technically a record for the neighborhood, but it did enter a realm of economic opulence at which records begin not to matter so much when it listed in May for $10.5 million.

What’s the secret of this six-bed, seven-bath, nearly 8,000-square-foot home’s grand ambition? Realtor Neal Ward credits the place as “fully remodeled” and “completely updated throughout in 2013,” but it turns out that just one renovation apparently didn’t do the trick here.

See, back in 2011 when this same house last came up for sale, realtors Tina Hinckley and Ted Bartlett presented it as a “down to the studs renovation.”

Either one of these sales teams has a much different definition of these terms or this one very, very active Pac Heights home got two major overhauls in about five years. The building permit database is scarce on details.

Whatever happened apparently did the trick, as circa-1906 abode eventually went for $10.45 million, a sum large enough to make its previous $6.3 million sale in 2012 look downright parochial.

On the other hand, there’s no such remodel confusion when it came to the week’s lowest-grossing publicly listed home sale. In fact, all that the ad for 1107 Fitzgerald Avenue near Double Rock in Bayview would commit to is a vague promise of “newer plumbing, cabinets, and counter.”

For the curious, the last time this two-bed, one-bath house from 1950 completed a building permit was 1983. But there’s no shame in not changing—indeed, preservationists wish more San Francisco homes would try it—and in this case staying the same yielded a deal for this week’s buyer of $607,000, enough to graduate into Curbed SF’s Under $700K Club with room to spare.

Note that that’s up from the $499K it aimed for back in June.