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Olympian’s San Rafael house sells for technical loss

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It’s a huge sale, but more of a bronze medal finish than customary gold

Courtesy Thomas Henthorne

Back in May, Texas-born Olympiad Michael Johnson put his Marin County home and its frosty interiors up on the market for more than $3.19 million.

Johnson, a five-time gold medalist sprinter (though the record books now clock him at four times on account of he returned one medal in response to a cheating scandal, although Johnson himself was blameless in the affair), is presumably accustomed to excelling after all of these years.

Although it listed for a fantastic sum of money, the asking for the five-bed, four-bath house at 87 Brodea Way in San Rafael was actually modest in its own way.

The $2.45 million Johnson paid for it when he moved here in 2001 is actually worth more than $3.4 million today, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ inflation formula.

Realtor Thomas Henthorne finished up a deal on the place this week, and in the end Johnson pulled down $3.1 million on the place, minus any costs associated with the sale itself.

On one hand, that’s technically an appreciation of more than 26.5 percent. But even more technically, it’s a loss of nearly nine percent. It’s below asking either way, although by a very narrow margin relative to the price overall.

Which makes this a rare ambiguous finish in Johnson’s illustrious life. Of course, since he told the Telegraph in 2014 that he once pulled down half a million dollars for a single race in Canada, it’s anybody’s guess whether or not he’ll really miss the difference.

And whoever the new owner is can rest easy in one of five bedrooms knowing that she or he drove a hard bargain before parting with $3.1 million.