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New Rincon Hill park: Here’s what it will look like

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4,000-square-foot space is nearly a decade in the making

Three years after approving the design for a mini park on Guy Place in the Rincon Hill neighborhood, the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department announced on Thursday that it’s going to take the plunge on the 4,000-square-foot “pocket park.” The park could be finished as early as 2018, although there’s no precise date for the beginning of the estimated 12-month construction period.

The department said via a press release:

The renovation will also create three defined outdoor spaces as ‘rooms” with lush landscapes and three living green columns featuring California grapevines. A large granite “weeping wall” water feature situated in the rear of the park remains a design option that will be included as funding allows. [...]

The new park will also include a waterjet cut steel fence designed by artist Adriane Colburn. Inspired by the historic and contemporary geologic record of the neighborhood, the design combines the contours of the local landscape, cartographic imagery and abstract forms.

Earlier designs for the space featured even more vine-covered columns, but two weeks ago Rec and Park announced it had replaced most of them with trees to provide additional natural shade.

Hoodline noted last year that plans for a park of some shape or variety in Rincon Hill lingered for a decade. The city bought the lot at 4-8 Guy Place, which Rec and Park says is one of only a handful of undeveloped parcels in the neighborhood, back in 2007.

In April of 2016, two women chained themselves to the avocado trees on the parcels to protest their planned removal during park construction.

The city FAQ on the park design refers to those trees as “poorly structured due to years of severe pruning away from overhead wires prior to the City’s purchase of the site,” and adds that “fruit droppings attract rodents and damage parked cars.”