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San Mateo Eichler in need of TLC asks $1.2 million

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Rough-around-the-edges home at a premium price

As for as lauded 20th century developer Joseph Eichler’s personal style goes, it’s clear from public demand that his eye for architecture and layout remains as timely as ever. Individual Eichler homes, however, may sometimes turn out to be throwbacks in potentially surprising ways.

The three-bed, two-bath house circa 1958 at 1989 Ticonderoga Drive in San Mateo, marketed as a “vintage Eichler,” does indeed look as if it hasn’t been touched in some time, with no modern renovations or remodels monkeying with its Eichler appeal in the last few years.

On one hand, that does mean that from the look of the listing photos it could actually use a careful and tasteful update. While the glass walls and plank-and-beam ceilings seemingly never get old, it’s probably time to do something about those floors or that kitchen, for example.

It should be noted that Eichlers came with cork floors; it appears someone mercifully pulled out tiled flooring prior to putting the home on the market.

On the other hand, despite these imperfections, it’s a little exciting getting a peak into the unsullied past of mid-century design, and 1989 Ticonderoga preserves some idiosyncratic features that you just don’t see in homes today.

Note, for example, the partitions separating kitchen and living room space; they’re not quite true walls, as it seems they intentionally stop short of joining the ceiling. The result is a kind of median point between the “one huge room” open layout common in other Eichler-developed houses and a more old-fashioned layout of individual smaller spaces.

One thing about this place that certainly is entirely up to date is the asking price: more than $1.26 million.